Testimonial 5

Leadership Missoula is a truly unique program which is a compilation of experiences, opportunities and activities.  I am proud to say that as a participant, I gained many new skills which not only benefitted me professionally but also… Read More

Testimonial 4

What’s not to love about Leadership Missoula.  Learning about all the things that make Missoula great – from arts & culture, to history, to government, to natural resources and so much more.  Gaining skills in team building and… Read More

Testimonial 3

Joining Leadership Missoula was one of the best decisions I have made both personally and professionally.  I thoroughly enjoyed each LM day and looked forward to the next.  It was absolutely worth the time away from the office… Read More

Testimonial 2

“Through this program, I’ve learned a lot about myself and about the Missoula community, networked with a diverse professional group of people, made friends, laughed, faced fears, and felt connected. It was wonderful. ” Erica Hurt, Opportunity Resources,… Read More

Testimonial 1

“I went into Leadership Missoula excited to learn more about our community and my new classmates.  I had no idea how much the program would completely overwhelm me with love and respect for our community, businesses, and the… Read More